Teosyal First Lines
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Teosyal First Lines, injectable into the superficial dermis, mainly recommended for fine lines and superficial wrinkles like such as crow’s feet.


What is Teosyal First Lines?

Teosyal First Lines is a Swiss brand manufactured in Switzerland. It is a safe, effective and long lasting, hyaluronic acid based product which is animal free. Patients are able to reap spontaneous results due to Teosyal’s excellent hydration and elasticity properties. Teosyal’s patent formula is suitable for sensitive skins as it contains a less protein and bacterial endotoxin count.

Teosyal First Lines requires less injection force due to its 25G needle which makes the treatment much less painful for the patient. Penetration into the skin is extremely effective due to the lubricated needles their double bevel design.

What’s in the box?

(30G) 20mg/ml of HA
2 x 0.7ml syringes
What are the uses of Teosyal First Lines 2×0.7ml?

Teosyal First Lines injected into the outer superficial layer of the skin, can be used to:

Fill fine lines and wrinkles such as crows feet which are visibly noticeable on the top layer of the skin.
Who should not use Teosyal?

If you are pregnant or lactating then refrain from using Teosyal. Also do not use if allergic to hyaluronic acid.

How long do effects last for?

Clinical trials suggest the effects of Teosyal First Lines last on average between 9-12 months. However there are many factors which determine the longevity of effects, including the individuals age, lifestyle and level of treatment required.

What are the associated side effects of Teosyal First Lines?

Some redness, swelling and discomfort may occur at the site of injection. Resolution usually occurs with two to three days.

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    Very effective product, just use regularly if you want consistent results, I used mine every fortnight then applied lotion twice a day to affected area and exfoliated that area before bathing.


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