Filorga Skin Perfusion 5HP-Youth Cream (1×50 ml)
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Anti-ageing cream

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Indications on Filorga Skin Perfusion 5HP: Ridula – Eclat sensitive skin.

Active ingredients: peel complex 20% Gluconolactone + mandelic acid.

pH = 3.

Bottle 100 ml + doser + brush.

Filorga Skin Perfusion 5HP offers gluconolactone-based peels that provide optimized tolerance and effectiveness. They are intended for all skin types including the most sensitive skin.

Gluconolactone is a lactone form of gluconic acid (PHA) obtained from glucose by bio-oxidation. A cyclized chemical structure for a keratolytic action as effective as AHA but better tolerated. In combination with other active ingredients, gluconolactone enhances the therapeutic effect, improves tolerance and the overall aesthetic result.

A complete active with multiple properties: compatible sensitive skin, anti-oxidant, hygroscopic, effective on comedones and pores, matifying and sebum regulator, pro-function barrier, non-photosensitizing.

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