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bocouture 100iu is one of the latest cosmetic enhancement products to enter the US market. Upon receiving its FDA approval Bocouture became the third botulinum toxin based product available to US citizens after Botox.

Those who buy Bocouture 100iu online will receive a muscle denervation product created by Merz, the manufacturer of well-known cosmetic enhancement products such as Belotero.

The Safe Science Behind Bocouture

Consumers can be assured they are receiving an excellent product when they buy Bocouture online from Medica Outlet. Bocouture has been tested in two clinical trials published in the Journal of Neurological Sciences. The product shows ‘non-inferiority’ to Botox in terms of efficiency and safety.

Bocouture ’s Proven Record of Excellence

People have been choosing to buy Bocouture to treat their facial folds for many years all over the world. In fact, the US is the 20th country to approve the drug. Before entering the US market, the number of people who decided to buy Bocouture over its competitors numbered a staggering 84,000.

Administration Procedures for Those Who Order Bocouture

It is essential that medical professionals only buy Bocouture online from trusted dealers such as Medica Outlet. The product we sell is authentic Bocouture manufactured by Merz. Bocouture is approved for intramuscular use. No anesthetic is necessary for those who buy Bocouture . However, physicians may seek the aid of a cold pack or a topical anesthetic at their discretion. Bocouture should not be administered more frequently than once every three months.

Additional Information

bocouture 100iu is a neurotoxin-based cosmetic enhancement product manufactured by Merz. The active ingredient in Bocouture , botulinum toxin type A is synthesized from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. This neurotoxin permits Bocouture to selectively paralyze overactive muscles in order to restrict the wrinkling process. Bocouture has traditionally been used to treat cervical dystonia, but it has cosmetic applications as well. In particular, medical professionals have praised Bocouture ’s effectiveness in treating frown lines between the eyebrows. Medica Outlet allows licensed medical professionals to purchase this product in packages containing one vial with 100 units of Bocouture . Products similar to Bocouture include Botox (manufactured by Allergan).

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